Do's & Don'ts
Some Do's & Don'ts when you are on Homoeopathic Medicines/ Treatment :
1. As all Homoeopathic Medicines are potentized, there is a loss of it when kept near any perfume or anything that has a strong aroma or smell. Hence always store the medicines given to you away from such items.
2. Your Homoeopath is the best guide -for he / she knows your Medical History, Symptoms, Drug sensitivity - if any. Hence do not take any medicine without consulting your Doctor.
3. While Homoeopathy is safe to take normally, some aggravation of symptoms may occur. In case of any such symptoms please immediately consult your Doctor.
4. Homoeopathic Medicines are sweet being sugar based, available in the form of "Pills" or "Globules". They are easy to take and highly palatable even for children. Please take particular care to keep medicine away from children-always.
5. Homoeopathic Liquid Medicines are termed as Mother Tinctures that are alcohol based and have a tendency to evaporate if the bottles are not properly closed. We provide all these bottles with "Droppers" to help patients take correct dosage. Please keep all such bottles securely closed to avoid loss of medicine due to evaporation.
6. Homoeopathic Pills are also hygroscopic and all patients are advised to keep these bottles away from any moisture and tightly closed. So, please keep these medicines in a dry place at Room Temperature and Never Refrigerate.
7. When on Homoeopathic Medicine please avoid: Garlic, Onions, Coffee, Smoking & Chewing Tobacco, Scented Supari, Cola Drinks and Chocolates as these are said to nullify the effect of the medicines and/or delay the onset of action thereby affecting the efficiency of the medicines. In any case please remember to at least allow 2/3 hours gap before and after such consumption. This will have greater beneficial effect and quicker relief.
8. Medicines to be discarded if they become sticky and when the globules become creamy / yellow.
9. Dr. SMMRT is a registered Charitable Trust and all donations are exempted under section 80 G of Income Tax Act. Please obtain receipt from the Secretary of the Trust or leave your address where the receipt can be posted.
Don't do self- Medication:
While Homoeopathic Medicines are generally free from any ill effects, it is necessary to consult a Doctor before "self medication" or giving it to relatives or friends. In some cases a reaction may take place and aggravate the symptoms or the ailment. This can be harmful and dangerous.
Directions for taking Homoeopathic Medicines:
Normal Homoeopathic Dosage is 4 Pills unless otherwise stated or instructed.
Method of dispensing and taking medicines:
Normal Homoeopathic Dosage is 4 Pills unless otherwise stated or instructed.
Method of dispensing and taking medicines:
Pills - Place 4 pills under the tongue and allow them to dissolve. Avoid drinking water with and after for at least 15 minutes.
Liquids (Mother Tincture):
Internal use - 5 to 6 drops of medicine to be taken in a tablespoon of lukewarm water. External application - Should be applied on the affected area with sterilised cotton/ swab stick of cotton.
External wash - Add 5/6 drops of liquid medicine in lukewarm water and wash with sterilised cotton
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