Late Dr. Subodh Mehta
Late Dr. Subodh Mehta
Late Dr. Subodh Mehta
Founder of Dr. SMMC
Dr. Subodh Mehta a Research Scientist in Inorganic Chemistry with several research papers to his credit with over 10 Research P.hD students and a D.Sc , little wonder that his mind was restless to find out how the tiny sugar pills could cure many ailments from common cold to some of the most difficult health conditions. It all began in 1940 with is trial on himself when he got a bout of severe cold and taking these Homoeopathic pills given by a friend worked wonders that he went deep into the Science of Homoeopathy. He started giving free medicines to his friends on Sundays during his free time.
Soon the word spread and as he could not cope up with the crowd he would give medicines after his college hours. After his retirement from the then Royal Institute of Science where he was a Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry, at his home in Khar - a suburb of Bombay (now Mumbai), patients lined up everyday and increased to an average of 400 to 500 per day! Dr. Mehta gave medicines free of cost to all without any distinction of caste, creed or religion.
The House at Khar became virtually almost a place of worship. Patients from all walks of life be it Central or State Political leaders, businessmen/ industrialists, film stars and celebrities or poppers all were treated with that God's healing touch.
But without her support, sacrifice and dedication Dr. Mehta's mission couldn't have been successful!
A Public Charitable Medical Trust was formed by admirers in 1970 February with a corpus. Today, the Centre is well known for the Diagnostic Services provided to the Public with modern facilities and highly qualified and experienced Doctor Consultants from various specializations.
We are enclosing with this some guidelines, Do's and Don'ts for yours and family's benefit. Do go through and keep this valuable "Notes" for your usage. Please help us to serve you better and your suggestions would be most appreciated.
Sincerely wishing good health to you and your family.
Deepak Mehta, Chairman
Dr. Subodh Mehta Medical Relief Trust
Reg. under Bombay Public Trust Act - 1950 No. E - 3675 (Bom.)
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