Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events
Activities at Dr. Subodh Mehta Medical Centre
Su-Jok | Women's day Celebration | Senior Citizen Month: February & March 2019
Like every year, this year also we have organized free/ concessional camps at Medical Center to support the poor & needy of the society. Our efforts are appreciated by patients. They came very enthusiastically to take an active part in our efforts to make it a success. This, we say as during Su-Jok acupuncture & acupressure camp on 23rd & 24th February 2019 almost 70 patients have attended. Our Su-Jok therapist Amit Sakpal along with his assistants, volunteers from Naris Sakti Sangh, SISCA, & Sufal Foundation have taken care & supported to make it a success.
We have also organized Women's Day Celebrations on 7th March 2019 to empower women of the society at large. We have also distributed 115 packets of free Calcimax D 1000 combination of (Calcium + Magnesium + Zink + VIT D3 1000) a customized formula for Osteoporotic Bones tablets for one month dosages to all camp attendants for Sujok/ Women's Day Celebration, almost 96 women who have attended camp on 7th March 2019 to make our free/ concessional camp a success. We also thankful to Dr. Jyoti Lalwani our Dietician, Dr. Shobha Shetty, Dr. Anagha Patwardhan, Dr. Shraddha Bhatt, Dr. Priyam Sharma our Homeopaths, Dr. Parul Saheba Ozone Therapist, Dr. Sushma Manshukhani ENT Surgeon, Dr. Poomam Vaswani Cosmetologist, who have supported & assisted to take Blood Pressure, BMI height, Body weight. Consultation of all Patients. Under Free/ Concessional treatment given under Noble Chemist 56 patients to the tune of Rs. 64400/- & Noble Chemist 134 patients to the tune of Rs. 35400/-
During Senior Citizen's Month, We give special Health Check-up package just for Rs. 750/- which include CBC, ESR, Urine Routine, Diabetes f/PP Lipid, Kidney, Liver Profiles, Digital Sonography just Rs. 300/- with 3 Free Consultations with specialist Doctors. More than 71 patients have taken advantage of our scheme.
Free Camp at Missionaries of Charity. Home for Dying Destitute: 9th Oct 2018
We have organized Free Camp for missionaries of Charity Home of Dying Destitute at Santacruz West on 9th Oct 2018 between 10 am to 1 pm on request from Sr. Chris Maria. We have carried out Pathology Tests like CBC, Blood Sugar Random, HbA1c, Thyroid & BP. Other investigations specifically prescribe by our Doctors. Once our Doctors have seen the reports & on their advise more specific tests for patients are done under Girison Foundations & Free Medicines are purchased from Noble Chemist by Mr. Naresh Kumar Jain one of our Trustee. Free Homeopathy Consultations & medicines for a month. In case they had needed to continue our Homeopaths will do free cards & continue giving free medicines. Following doctors & our staff had attended Free Camp with the Secretary. Homeopaths (5), Diet (1), Pranic Healing (6), Sujok (3), Soul Healing (2), Lab Technicians (2) Asstt. (2).
Free Medicines for Distribution to Poor & Needy
1) JEO-3 Dispersible Tab/ Cholcacifeol 60000 I.U.
2) Rapid–Hb TM Tab Ferrous Ascorbate Equivalent to 100 mg of Elemental Iron + Folic Acid 1.5 mg + Zink 50 mg. ensures rapid hemoglobin rise.
3) Maxi 27TM Calcium Citrate 1000 mg + Clcitroil 0.25 mcg + Methylcobalamin 1500 mcg + L Methylfolate 1000 mcg, Iodine 100 mcg + Zink Oxide 15 mg + Magnesium Hydroxide 50 mg + Sod Borate 100 mcg + vitamin K2-7 100 mcg. Excellent Calcium Therapy.
4) B-12
5) Shelcal 500/250 mg
Su-Jok Acupuncture & Acupressure Therapy Camp, Coordinated with Jankalyan: 24th & 25th March 2018.
Foundation (NGO) Camp offered Free Body Check-up, Free Consultations by Dr. Kashyap Dwevedi & Amit Sakpal (Therapist). Free Random Blood Sugar, Hemoglobin. 50% discount on all Blood Tests required by patients. Special 50% Discount on Su-Jok Acupressure & Acupuncture next 10 sessions, almost 61/65 patients have attended respectively.
Free Pranic Healing Camp: 9th & 10th March 2018
Free Pranic Healing Camp organised on 9th & 10th March 2018 between 11am to 1 pm, 26 patients have taken healing on both days. Pranic Healing is an ancient science & art of healing which utilized Prana, chi or life force for one's overall well being. Pranic Healing is a no-touch no–drug energy based healing technique. Which encourages the patients to heal themselves.
Ozone Therapy
This therapy is safe simple and painless. With the mounting cost of health care and increasing incidence of side effects' more and more people are trying alternative therapies. 'OZONE Therapy' is increasingly gaining popularity. Ozone therapy is an incredible rejuvenator, normalize, detoxifier, regenerator, immune enhancer and physical and mental energizer.
During the year we have given Free/ Concessional treatments as a clinic.
99 patients & treatment given during the year. Rs.15860/-
Girison's Foundations (Treatments) 45 patients & treatment given Rs. 30500/-
Noble Chemist (free Medicines) 115 patients & treatment given Rs.37400/-
Dental (4) 10000/- Dr. Amit Bhatt (1) 1200/- Physiotherapy (1) Rs. 6200/-
Senior Citizens health check up each (60) Rs. 15250/-
Additional Tests (50%) (Pathology) (23) Rs. 16600/-
Most Awaited Camp of the Year: Women' Day Celebration: 6th March 2018.
Free Bordencity, BMI, Random Blood Sugar, CBC, Blood Pressure. Free Consultations with Dietician for Diet Tips, ENT Surgeon for ENT Problems, Dental Checkup, Physiotherapist for Joint Pain or Spine Problems, Soul Healing for Hypertension, Skin & Cosmetologist Consultation almost 73 ladies have taken advantage of especially Bone Density, BMI, Diet, Random Blood Sugar, and BP, etc. There was a long queue outside each room. It was a pleasure to witness the enthusiasm of all participants. Further ENT Surgeon, Our Dentists, Skin Specialist, Physiotherapist, Soul Healing had given good support.
Vaccination Camps: February | March | April 2018
Organised by National Health Organisation & E.P. Association. This voluntary organization are filling gape of health problem which is a major setback & major burning issue and where the government can't cover that part of the area which needs help. Camps are attended by Dr. A. H. Khan, Dr. Ramdheer. A. Singh. from 'Sion' Hospital. They are assisted by organizer Mr. Sugriv Kori from the National Health Organization, The government of Maharashtra Trust Reg. No F-25390 (N.G.O.) They have offered vaccination for Hepatitis B and Typhoid just for Rs.100/-, Hepatitis A Rs.1300/-, Chicken Pox Rs.1500/- and Pneumonia Rs.1500/-
Physiotherapy Free Consultations Camp: 20th January 2018
Organised by our physiotherapist Dr. Rupali Upasam & Dr. Charmi Karia. We have also offered concessional (basic) treatments on registration for just Rs.2000/- instead of regular charges Rs.3500/- We have also introduced Specialized Spine Clinic from 1st February 2018.
Skin-Hair Treatments & Consultation Camp: 4th January 2018
Our Skin- Hair Specialist & Cosmetologist, Mrs. Poonam Vaswani has organized special free consultations & treatments of Skin, Hair & Beauty problems on 4th January 2018 on her completing 40 years of medical practice in the field of skin & Cosmetology.
Free Kidney Stone & Enlarged Prostate Gland detection camps: 25 April 2010 & 27 June 2010.
The camp was organized with association with RG Stone Urology & laparoscopy Hospitals. 58 Patients have taken advantage of our offer.
Free Vaccination Camps: 25th April 2010 | 23rd May 2010 | 27th June 2010
Was sponsored by Nokard. Typhoid, hepatitis A & B for just Rs.100/- 154 | 56 | 40 patients have attended the camp respectively.
Free Bone Density check-up camp: 23rd May 2010
Organized by Zuventus Healthcare Ltd. 45 patients have taken advantage of the camp.
Camp at Nirmala Nivas Community Centre, Khar Danda: 21st January 2010
The Homoeopathic department offered free consultation and annual registration for the guests at Nirmala Nivas's Sankranti Program. Dr. Shobha Shetty gave a small talk on Homoeopathy for women and children. 135 patients registered.
Camp at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Chuim: 26th and 27th December 2009
The Homoeopathic department offered free consultation and annual registration for the members of the parish. Dr. Shobha Shetty gave a small talk on Homoeopathy and the services offered by Dr. SMMC. 95 patients registered.
Diabetes Check-up Camp: 13th & 14th November 2009
Sponsored by Archana Trust, 115 patients availed of this camp.
Cancer Detection Camp: 23rd October 2009
Sponsored by Archana Trust, 115 patients availed of this camp.
Physiotherapy and Orthopedic Camp: 14th June 2009
76 patients availed of the examination and concessional treatment offered at the camp. Of these, 33 patients also availed of our X-ray facility.
Homoeopathic Camp with ECG and Lung Function Test: 28th March 2009
98 patients underwent free ECG and Spirometry (Lung Function Test). Out of those, 58 patients were detected as having abnormalities. In ECG and Spirometry readings. They were given free Homoeopathic Treatment. They were also referred to Physicians for further evaluation.
Women's Health Check-up Camp: 6th March 2009
135 women were screened for Obesity, Osteoporosis, Anemia, and Diabetes free of cost. They also availed of advice from our Experienced Homoeopaths and Diet and Nutrition Consultants.
Senior Citizen Health Check-up Camp: From 1st March 2009 to 31st March 2009
Total Health check-up was done at 50% concession. Additional consultation with our other departments like Dentistry, Homoeopathy, Diet and nutrition, Skin, etc. were also done at a concessional rate. 101 patients availed of these facilities.
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